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Nagore is a town in  Nagapattinam District of Tamil Nadu.. This small town near  the Bay of Bengal lies at a distance of 16 km towards the south of Karaikal and 4 km north of Nagapattinam. The Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang  referred to the destination as Buddha Vihar in his book. The destination was also ruled by the Pallava King Rajasimha during 690-728A D.

Nagore is identified as a pilgrim destination as it has a renowned pilgrim centre Nagore Dargah. It is a five century old Islamic shrine and is the chief attraction of the town. The Islamic shrine was constructed as a tribute to Meeran Sahib Abdul Qadir Shahul Hamid Badshah.

Fine architecture and craftsmanship is reflected in the domed arches and minarets of the dargah. The highlight of the dargah is the largest tower known as Periya Minara, which stands at a height of 131 feet. The dargah also has a holy tank in the premises, whose water is believed to have curative properties.

Along with the Nagore Dargah, there are several ancient testimonies in the golden dome building. Seeralamman Temple is another revered place in the fisherman area. Visitors can also be a part of the popular Kandhuri festival which is celebrated annually with great enthusiasm in Nagore during the months of October and November.

Travellers can reach the town by various modes of transportation, as it is well connected with several parts of Tamil Nadu. There is a railway junction in the town that has frequent connections with Tiruchirapalli and Chennai. The international airport of Tiruchirapalli is the closest airbase to Nagore.

The township experiences a coastal climate due to proximity to the sea. The ideal time to travel to Nagore is between November and March when the temperature is low and is suitable for sightseeing.