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Dhanushkodi is a small town situated near the holy town of Rameshwaram. This small town lies along the eastern coast of the state of Tamil Nadu and is situated south-east of Pamban. Dhanushkodi is situated at the confluence of Mahodadhi (Bay of Bengal) and Ratnakar (Indian Ocean). It is a small land border of around 50 yards, which forms Palk Strait. This town survived a strong storm during the cyclone of 1964, which destroyed Dhanushkodi railway line that connected to Pamban Railway Station.

Dhanushkodi is situated around 29 km to the west of Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. It attracts several tourists every year, especially those who come to see the Adam’s Bridge, which is popularly known as Ram Sethu. This particular bridge is made of limestone, which connects India with Sri Lanka. It is believed that this bridge was constructed by Lord Rama with the help of his vanara sena.

Adam’s Bridge was constructed to reach Lanka, where the demon king Ravana kept Lord Rama’s wife Sita. According to Hindu mythology, it is said that on request of Vibhishana, brother of Ravana, Lord Rama used his bow to destroy one end of Ram Sethu. Hence, this place earned its name, Dhanushkodi, where Dhanush means bow and Kodi means end.

Dhanushkodi was a flourishing pilgrimage spot before the cyclone of 1964, which caused excessive destruction in the region extending from Mandapam to Dhanushkodi. On the night of 22nd December 1964, cyclone washed away Pamban Bridge, Dhanushkodi Railway Station and other nearby areas. After this natural disaster, the Government of Chennai declared Dhanushkodi as ghost town which was unfit for human living. At present, only few fishermen and their families reside in the town.

Dhanushkodi is easily accessible from the Madurai Airport, which is175 km away from the town. Additionally, it is 20 km away from Rameshwaram, which is connected with other major locations in the country by both rail and road.

It is not suitable to visit the destination during the monsoon months, extending from July to September due the heavy rainfall. Winter season is the best time to visit Dhanushkodi when the weather is pleasant and suitable to indulge in sightseeing.